Christian Have has one of Denmark's most significant voices in the public debate surrounding arts and culture. His goal is to preserve, promote and develop the field as a public debater, speaker, moderator, author and last, but not least, the Creative Director of Have Communications, which he founded in 1983. Over three decades, Have Communications has grown to be Scandinavia's biggest communications agency within the cultural field. Along the way he has worked with a plethora of people – from upcoming artists to global super stars – and released a wide array of books about culture and communication.

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  • If you are trying to reach Have Communications, please call (+45) 33 25 21 07, write the agency at or visit the company website.
  • If you would like to know more about Christian Have, you will find his biography here – and to get a quick overview of his books, board memberships, awards and so forth, please stay on this page.


He is the author of eight books:

  • “Visibility Equals Existence” (2004) about communication within the cultural field
  • “The Communicative Society – The Communication of Tomorrow” (2008) about the future of communication
  • “Dreaming of Fame” (2010) about the effects of what is labeled the celebrity culture
  • “Seize the Future” (2011) about why seniors should embrace social media
  • “Visibility Equals Existence 3.0” (2013) built on the foundation of the 2004 book
  • “Creative Growth through New Media” on the consequences, potentials and managerial challenges of social media
  • “Responsibility or Anarchy” (2013) introducing the concept of Corporate Cultural Responsibility 
  • “The New Golden Age” (2015) about how the field of arts and culture should enter into new partnerships with the business world 


He has established the following think tanks, both of which he is also the chairman of:

  • Spring Digital (social media innovation and development)
  • The Future Tank (futurology, specifically within communications, innovations and international cultural dialogue)


He is a member of and holds special positions at:

  • Creative Forum (2006-2011)
  • Ambassador to Danish People’s Aid
  • Ambassador to Platform4
  • Ambassador to Verdens Flygtninge – Frederiksberg
  • Filmby Aarhus (advisory board)
  • Musikhuset Aarhus (advisory board)
  • Danmark bliver til (advisory board)


He holds several board seats, including at these institutions:  

  • Copenhagen Jazz Festival
  • Frederiksberg Museerne
  • Gerlev Sports Academy
  • The Danish Talent Academy
  • Dramafronten

From 2011-2015, he was on the board of The Royal Danish Theatre.


Along with the team at Have Communications, he has won and been nominated for the following awards:

  • 2013: Stevie Awards (bronze, won) for the work for The Children's Heart Foundation
  • 2013: Stevie Awards (bronze, won) for the work with the bi-weekly Donald Duck magazine, Anders And & Co.
  • 2012: Sabre Awards, Corporate Social Responsibility (nominated) for the work on CSR Awards
  • 2011: Stevie Awards (nominated) for the integration project Taking The Lead
  • 2008: Stevie Awards, Best Live Event of the Year (won) for Årets Reumert
  • 2007: European Excellence Award (nominated) for “Hamlet” and “Lys over Skagen”
  • 2007: Stevie Awards, Best Communications Executive (nominated, Christian Have personally)
  • 2006: Sabre Awards (won) for the celebration of Hans Christian Andersen’s 200th anniversary
  • 2005: Sabre Awards (won) for H.C. Andersens Fond
  • 2003: Teater 1-prisen (won, Christian Have personally) for his commitment to and rethinking of theatre in Denmark
  • 2001: Golden World Award (nominated) for Årets Reumert
  • 1997: Golden World Award (nominated) for Årets Reumert


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